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An interview with Lorijn Maes, Teamleader Support Daktari

"It is very important to seize the opportunities you get!"

You have been employed by CGM in Belgium for some time now. What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far?

Complete the migration of our two software packages, CGM DAKTARI and CGM WINDOC, without compromising our support reputation and its operation. Initially, it was unclear whether the proposed trajectory, migrating users as quickly as possible without loss of data, would be feasible. It is with great pride that I can say that the entire team has proven more than the opposite.

Of course, there are still challenges ahead of you. Can you explain what the support team will face in the future?

The biggest challenge ahead is to further expand the team and get everyone ready for what comes after the current migration project. After all, once the last CGM Windoc users will have switched to CGM DAKTARI, the growth of our GP software will not stop. Therefore, we will have to use all means to defend CGM DAKTARI further against the competition after this period. The team must be ready to process the influx of requests in a timely manner. By the unexpected additional support for the new CLICKDOC TELECONSULTATION platform, we have already experienced that we have a strong and flexible team that is able to successfully handle such challenges.

Are there things you learned during your career at CGM that you look back on positively?

What especially stayed with me is that you have to be patient even if you feel that it could be better. Remain patient and put your ideas on the right track. It is very important to seize the opportunities you get!

What do you think is an important characteristic that someone of your team should have?

Commitment, motivation and honesty. As long as someone shows the determination to do better, I support him or her completely. Anyone can make mistakes. Daring to admit them and learning from them will lead to better performances. This is what I try to teach.

What do you expect from your team? How do you keep them motivated to keep meeting the expectations?

I expect my team to work closely together. That they are not only able, but above all want to make the extra efforts when necessary. I have very high expectations of my team, but always try to justify this. I do this by maintaining good contact with everyone so that they know where we stand and that it is clear that they can always come to me with questions or problems.

How do you ensure that the objectives of your team are in line with the objectives of CGM?

The main priority is to build a good team. The better your team works together, the smoother your team will be aligned. This enables us to achieve successfully those goals. CGM's motto, "synchronizing healthcare", is the guiding principle and ultimately contributes to the use of the same mind set and working method, so you get a team that is perfectly attuned to each other. Furthermore, I am always actively involved in all current matters and issues. In this way, I can act quickly and intervene where necessary.

What motivates you day by day/tell a little more about yourself?

In recent years, I have been given many opportunities within CGM in a very short period. Every day I try to make the most of my day by seizing these opportunities. Together with a very busy private agenda (I'm currently still active as a handball player & youth trainer) this takes a lot of energy, but I'm going to work every day with just as much pleasure.

Thank you, Mr. Maes!

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